How Much Does Flooring an Attic Cost in Ireland?

Flooring is an essential aspect of renovating an attic. It enhances the space’s usability and insulation. However, many homeowners in Ireland are often unsure about the costs involved. 

Here is a guide to help you understand the expenses associated with flooring your attic. 

Factors Impacting Attic Flooring Costs in Ireland

There are many things that affect how much it costs to put new floors in an attic. Understanding these elements will help you plan and budget properly for the project.

Floor Area and Layout

The total square meters of the attic is a major cost factor. A larger attic space requires purchasing more flooring materials. This leads to higher overall material expenses.

Attic layouts that are irregularly shaped are tricky. They make installation more difficult for workers. Odd corners, slanted walls, or tight spaces mean extra labor time. This bumps up the labor costs charged by contractors.

Flooring Material Selection

You have many options when choosing attic flooring materials. Inexpensive laminates or luxury hardwoods are available. The flooring type significantly affects the total project price. Higher quality materials demand higher upfront costs but often provide longer-lasting durability.

Some popular attic flooring choices include:

  • Laminate – Easy installation but less hardwearing
  • Engineered Wood – More expensive but looks like real wood
  • Solid Hardwood – Premium option but pricey
  • Carpet – Affordable but shows wear faster

Costs fluctuate based on the specific brand, quality level, and current market pricing. Doing research helps find suitable options that fit your budget.

Subfloor Preparation Requirements

The condition of the existing attic subfloor is crucial. A level, secure base is required for any new flooring installation. If the subfloor has issues, preparation work is necessary first. This preparation work adds extra costs.

Potential subfloor needs include:

  • Leveling uneven surfaces
  • Repairing or replacing damaged areas
  • Reinforcing joists for added support

An attic inspection determines the subfloor’s state. Hiring experts prevents skipping this preparatory stage, which could cause flooring problems later.

Insulation and Soundproofing Considerations

Many attics lack proper insulation for temperature control. They also tend to have poor soundproofing from rooms below. 

Both insulation and soundproofing barriers are beneficial for comfortable living spaces. However, installing these features requires additional funds.

Material costs for insulation and soundproofing add up. But paying skilled labor for proper installation is wise. Improperly installed insulation loses effectiveness. This defeats the energy-saving and noise-reduction purposes.

Average Attic Flooring Costs in Ireland: A Breakdown

Now let’s break down the expenses you can expect to encounter. Having this knowledge empowers you to plan effectively and make informed decisions that align with your financial circumstances.

Material Costs Per Square Meter

Flooring material prices can vary. Here are some common ranges per square meter:

  • Laminate typically costs between €10 to €25 per square meter. This affordable synthetic flooring option has lower prices but cannot truly replicate the look and feel of real wood.
  • Engineered wood flooring, with a real wood surface layer over plywood, ranges from €30 to €60 per square meter. More expensive than laminate but visually similar to solid hardwood.
  • For a premium hardwood floor like oak, expect to pay anywhere from €40 to €100 per square meter. While priciest, these floors add warmth, beauty and can increase a home’s value.
  • Carpet is a budget-friendly soft surface option, with prices ranging €15 to €35 per square meter. However, it tends to show wear and tear faster compared to hard flooring types.

Keep in mind pricing depends on quality level, brand, and current supply costs. Shopping around helps find good deals.

Labor Costs

Most flooring installers charge hourly rates around €20-40 per hour. Some give overall project estimates instead.

Location matters – labor is often pricier in bigger cities like Dublin. A pro’s experience level affects rates too. Intricate custom work commands higher fees.

Additional Expenses:

  • Subfloor preparation – Leveling, repairs, replacements
  • Insulation and soundproofing installation
  • Moving furniture in/out of the attic space
  • Disposal of old flooring and construction waste

Seemingly small extras add up! Budgeting 10-15% beyond main material/labor costs covers these.

Real quotes from contractors provide the clearest total cost picture. But these pricing guidelines offer a general sense of attic flooring investment ranges in Ireland.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

One major cost factor is whether you hire professionals or do the attic flooring installation yourself as a DIY project. Each option has pros and cons to consider.

Going the DIY route can save significantly on labor expenses. However, it requires having the proper skills, tools, and time to dedicate to the job. Mistakes made during a DIY install could lead to expensive fixes down the road.

Hiring experienced flooring contractors is more expensive upfront due to labor fees. But it ensures the job is completed properly and to code the first time. Professional installers also offer:

  • In-depth product knowledge
  • Proper equipment and techniques
  • Efficient, timely project completion
  • Workmanship warranties for peace of mind

When calculating potential DIY savings, consider your skill level honestly. For complex attic layouts or spaces with subfloor issues, the advantages of professional installation may outweigh initial cost savings.


Flooring an attic in Ireland can cost a good amount of money. The biggest costs are the flooring materials and labor. Then there are the labor costs for installation. 

On top of that, you may need to fix up the subfloor first. Insulation and soundproofing add more costs too. Little extras like moving furniture and taking away old materials also add up.

The best way to know for sure? Get quotes from a few contractors. They can look at your specific attic. Then they can give you a clear price for the whole job. Proper planning helps avoid surprises down the road.

Flooring an attic is an investment. But it creates a beautiful new living space. With smart choices, it’s worth the spend.

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