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“Transform your attic into a stunning and productive space with Ireland’s leading attic conversion specialists. The team at Attic Conversions Ireland are the dab hands at transforming that vacant space into whatever suits you best – comfy bedroom, peaceful office or playful den for the kids. Leave it to the professionals. Experience craftsmanship that elevates your home and your lifestyle.”

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About Attic Conversions Ireland

Welcome to, your Dublin-based experts in transforming attics into beautiful, functional spaces. With over a decade of experience, we prioritize quality, customized solutions, and customer satisfaction. Ready for your dream attic? Contact us for a seamless, stress-free conversion journey. Your attic’s potential awaits!

Make the Most of Your Space with Our Dublin Attic Conversion Specialist

Fed up of that attic just gathering dust and cobwebs? We will change all that. Our skilled craftsmen know Irish homes inside and out, with the tricks to give your attic a modern renovation while retaining that traditional cozy feel. With proper insulation and quality workmanship, we will ensure it’s a pleasure to use year-round.

Attic Conversions Create New Living Space Options

Home Office


Extra Bedroom


Entertainment Room


Home Gym


Kids’ Playroom


Hobby Studio


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Tell us your vision and we will construct it to an exceptional standard, adding real value and versatile living space to your home. Don’t let that attic go to waste any longer. Get in touch and let’s get started!

More Space Within Your Existing Home

Usually Planning Permission Free

Increase Your Homes Value

Get Even More Light Into Your House

Yes, sttic conversions are generally cheaper and less disruptive than extensions, offering a cost-effective way to add space without sacrificing outdoor areas, though extensions may offer more long-term value​​ – learn more here.

The best place for a stairs in an attic conversion will depend on the house and its layout – you can read more about the best position for a stairs in a loft conversion here.

A structural engineer is necessary for a lot of attic conversions but not all – read this to learn if a structural engineer is a necessity for your conversion.

There are a number of variables in assessing attic height for conversion – ideally a 7 foot minimum is necessary – learn more here.

The most expensive components of loft conversions are structural work, fireproofing, staircase installation, and permit fees, essential for safety, accessibility, and legal compliance – learn more here.

Maximizing energy efficiency through affordable insulation, budget-conscious lighting, and thrifty storage solutions are the cheapest ways to convert an attic​. Learn more here

Planning permission for attic conversions in Ireland mostly isn’t required unless specific conditions are met, like exceeding size limits or altering the building’s front​​. See more here

Embrace attic quirks, use light colors, simple window treatments, and budget-friendly decor for a cozy, chic bedroom transformation​​. See more about decor here.

Creating a loft involves planning, assessing space, budgeting, designing, and hiring professionals when necessary, ensuring a seamless transition to an open, airy living space​ – learn more about it here

Converting an attic into a bedroom involves assessing potential, planning, reinforcing floors, insulation, installing egress, framing, electrical setup, addressing HVAC needs, and adding finishing touches. You can see more about it here

Insulating a converted attic involves preparing, air sealing, choosing correct insulation materials, ensuring ventilation, and addressing moisture control for efficiency and comfort​​. Read on to learn more

A typical attic conversion takes 10-16 weeks, influenced by design, complexity, materials, labor availability, and whether it’s DIY or professionally managed​​. See more detailed time lines here

DIY attic space conversion requires planning, preparing, framing, addressing electrical and HVAC needs, choosing flooring, and adding finishing touches while adhering to safety and building codes​​. Take a look here and learn more

Converting an attic in Ireland costs €15,000 to €50,000, influenced by size, structure, access, plumbing, ceiling height, windows, HVAC, and electrical work​​.See more detailed info here

Flooring an attic in Ireland involves costs for materials (€10-€100 per square meter based on material type), labor (€20-€40 per hour), and additional expenses for subfloor preparation, insulation, soundproofing, and disposal of waste, with total costs varying based on factors like attic size, material choice, and labor fees​​. See more details here.

An attic conversion can significantly enhance a home’s value, offering a return on investment ranging from 50% to 80% or more, while also providing lifestyle benefits by maximizing long-term living spaces. Learn more here.

The cost of a dormer attic conversion varies widely based on factors like size and complexity, with expenses ranging from €20,000 for smaller attics to over €70,000 for larger spaces, influenced by factors such as existing attic dimensions, type of dormer, and structural modifications. See more about the cost here

External wall insulation can effectively combat damp issues in attics by creating a barrier against moisture penetration, although its success may require additional measures for severe dampness, underscoring the importance of expert installation and proper material selection. Learn more here.

In Ireland, homeowners can access various grants for attic room conversions aimed at improving living conditions, energy efficiency, and accessibility, with eligibility based on factors such as income, property condition, and renovation purpose​​. Learn more about grants for attic conversions here.